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Meluki Book Marketing can help independent Canadian Publishers export their lists to the UK, Europe and South Africa via Gazelle distribution services. If you are already with Gazelle, we will be your point of contact for Gazelle.
Meluki Book Marketing is the Canadian Publisher Liaison for Gazelle Book Services, based in the UK. As such, Meluki is responsible for researching Canadian Publishers’ needs and following up enquiries about the services Gazelle can offer. We can also help facilitate export of your lists via Gazelle.

Gazelle Book Services, one of the most experienced book distribution companies in Europe, offers a flexible, fast and effective distribution service stretching across Great Britain, Ireland, Western and Eastern Europe.

The company boasts a team of well-motivated representatives and in-house staff, with many years of experience in all areas of the book industry. Since its inception in 1988, Gazelle has built an unparalleled range of International publishers with lists spanning more than 200 subject areas.

Please Contact Meluki Book Marketing If You Would Like to Find Out More About Gazelle