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Introduction to Gothic Image Tours

Hamish Miller is affectionately known as 'The Laird of Trencrom' for that is where he and his partner Ba live - at the foot of an ancient hill where the legendary Cornish giants are said to have roamed. He is a metal smith and master dowser, co-author of the ground breaking books - The Sun and the Serpent and Dance of the Dragon, investigations into the Michael and Mary lines in England and Europe. We shall spend time Hamish and Ba at their home in Cornwall.

Paul Broadhurst is an expert on the hidden significance of the island of Tintagel which he reveals in his book Tintagel and the Arthurian Mythos. He is a devoted scholar and self-publisher of ancient mythology and sacred sites. His evocative and unique book Secret Shrines portrays the gentle beauty and power of Cornish holy wells. He is co-author of The Sun and the Serpent and Dance of the Dragon. He lives near Tintagel, where he will join us.

Oscar Howard-Gordon. On this tour we are occasionally graced with the presence of our furry, four-footed friend, Oscar. His insight and knowledge of the sacred landscape, its scents, sounds and secret shrines is invaluable. Ten years old, a rare breed of smooth collie and born at home in Glastonbury, he currently holds the Somerset Dog Frisbee-catching trophy and always looks forward to showing off his skills on the tours. With Oscar by our side we never lose the way!


Caitlin Matthews is the author of over forty books, including Celtic Devotional, Singing the Soul Back Home and Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom. She is internationally renowned for her research into Celtic and ancestral traditions. She is a co-founder of the Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular studies. Caitlin has a shamanic practice in Oxford - see for courses and books. She will storytell and sing for us at the Boyne Valley.

Toby Hall is a writer, scholar, artist and megalithomaniac who lives near Sligo in the west of Ireland. He is both knowledgeable and genial. With Martin Brennan, the author of The Stars and the Stones, he discovered the megalithic art and astronomical significance of the temple of Knowth in the Boyne Valley. HE and his artist wife Deirdre run a gallery in Sligo. For more info:

Jack Roberts is a published artist and author of many books on ancient Ireland. Among his special interests are the Sheela-na-Gigs that appear on many churches and sacred shrines in Ireland. Heis books include the Sheela-na-Gigs of Britain and Ireland and The Sacred Mythological Centres of Ireland.

Ken Hartmann is our esteemed driver on the Ireland tour. He is, we believe, the best bus driver in the world. But more than that, he has a terrific local knowledge and is a warm and amusing guy to be with.

Robin Heath is a researcher into megalithic culture. His pioneering book, Sun, Moon & Earth, on megalithic astronomy, is available in six languages, while his Stonehenge has become a best seller in its field. Robin has been an astrological consultant for 27 years and the editor of the Astrological Association Journal. He is currently working on a book with John Michell about prehistoric surveying science. He lives in St. Dogmaels, West Wales.

Fiona Davidson has traveled the world, reviving the ancient tradition of the bard. Fiona takes her audiences back to "a time when there was no time", when music, song and tale touched the heart in a way we seldom experience today. She gave her first public performance in 1985. since then, her reputation has grown worldwide. The oldest of myths are brought back to life, released from the printed page, touching us powerfully, in a way that little else can.

Cary Meehan is the author of The Traveller's Guide to Sacred Ireland published by Gothic Image. She has explored many previously uncharted sites in both Northern and Southern Ireland and in her book she reveals their secrets in historical and archeological detail. On our journey, she will provide many insights into the sacred nature of Ireland's special places.

The sacred journeys we organize from our Glastonbury bookshop, Gothic Image, are designed for the spiritual pilgrim in search of inner peace, renewal, and a taste of ancient knowledge. A sacred journey involves passing through a series of gateways on the path to oneness with nature and the divine. An adventure of the soul, it is a process of surrender to "a voice in the heart when the earth underfoot becomes sacred and the air we breathe is like wine poured out for us by some heavenly cup-bearer." Thus begins a quest for our own personal holy grail. 

The British Isles are like a storybook full of tales of magic, mystery, and imagination. called by the Celts 'the Blessed Isles of the West', history, myth, and legend have intermingled to create a colourful and intriguing tapestry of a magical past. Here archetypal figures such as Merlin, Arthur, and Morgan Le Fay loom large. Our ancestors have bequeathed to us a legacy of shrines and holy places, set in a living landscape full of symbolism and meaning, awesome in their power and beauty.

On these journeys we visit holy wells, enchanted forests, Druid oak groves, stone circles, dolmens of the dead, fairy mounds, magical caves, sacred islands, ancient castles, ruined abbeys, and majestic cathedrals—all with a story to tell. We will travel through some of the most beautiful and inspiring parts of the British and Irish countryside, including places only known to a few. From ancient times to the present day, poetry, dance, song, and story-telling have enriched and sustained our folklore, myths, and legends. Thus we will celebrate with tales, recitals, and traditional music and dance. The fun and laughter of our evenings together will give us healing and nourishment on our quest.

By traveling with a group of kindred spirits, there is a special opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings with each other with an open heart. The mood of our journey and our shared quest into the nature of life provides a safe space that reinforces our sense of oneness, heals old wounds, and brings us to an awareness of our full potential. This is helped by quiet reflection at a tree, a well, or standing stone.

Along the way we are joined by leading authors and researchers who enlighten us with their wisdom, insight, and knowledge. Not surprisingly, life-long friendships, lovers' trysts, and ongoing group reunions are often an outcome of our mystical journeys. Such is their happy-making quality.

I look forward to welcoming you on the tour of your choice.

-Jamie George

Jamie George at Rosemarkie, Scotland

Jamie George has organized tours for such groups as The American Society of Dowsers in Vermont, The Omega Institute and the Fellowship of the Spirit in New York, USA. He is a member of the British Druid Order and of the Knights Templars. He played a major part in the inspiration for the late Marion Zimmer Bradley to write her best-selling novel, The Mists of Avalon, which is set in Glastonbury. Jamie has lived in Glastonbury for 25 years.

Available Tours

Mystical Glastonbury - The Ancient Isle of Avalon

  • Gastonbury Tor
  • Wearyall Hill
  • Chalice Well
  • Gog & Magog
  • Glastonbury Abbey

Avalon to Camelot - A Journey Through the Myths of Time

  • Glastonbury, the Isle of Avalon

  • Cadbury Castle - Camelot

  • Tintagel - Merlin's Cave

  • St. Nectans Glen and Rock Valley

  • Boscawen-un Stone Circle

  • Bodmin Moor

  • Avebury Henge

  • Silbury Hill

  • West Kennet Long Barrow and Avebury Sanctuary

  • Stonehenge (with access to the temple)

Mysterious Wales - Land of Merlin

  • Betws y Coed

  • Moel ty Uchaf stone circle

  • Isle of Anglesey: Bryn Celli

  • Ddu and Pentre Ifan

  • St. David's and St. Non's

  • Gower Peninsula

  • Trelleck stones and holy well

  • Tintern Abbey

  • Stonehenge

Sacred Scotland - The Blessed Isles

  • Sacred Isle of Iona

  • Isle of Mull

  • Isle of Skye

  • Isles of Harris and Lewis

  • Callanish on Lewis

  • Loch Lomond

  • Temple Wood stone circles

  • Kilmartin Valley

  • Inverary

  • Orkney islands

  • Ring of Brodgar

  • Maes Howe

  • Skara Brae

  • Urquart Castle 

  • Fairy Glen at Rosemarkie

  • Clava Cairns

  • Fairy Knowe at Aberfoyle

  • Rob Roy Country

  • Rosslyn Chapel

Enchanted Ireland - Land of the Faery Faith

  • Newgrange

  • Knowth

  • Queen Maebe's Cairn

  • Poulnabrone Dolmen

  • Skellig Michael

  • Aran Islands/Inishmoore

  • Clonegal Castle

  • Dingle Peninsula

  • Kells

  • Dublin

  • Loughcrew

  • The Burren

  • The Ring of Kerry

  • Lough Gur

Your Expert Tour Guides

Booking Information

Geoffrey Ashe is an internationally renowned Arthurian scholar and the author of many books including King Arthur's Avalon, The Quest for Arthur's Britain, The Ancient Wisdom and The Mythology of the British Isles. Geoffrey lives in Glastonbury and will join us at Glastonbury Abbey.

Emma Restall Orr (Bobcat) is head of the International Druid Network. Former Joint Chief of The British Druid Order, Emma is a priest, ritualist, counselor and teacher of modern Druidry, running courses, workshops and talks around the world. Author of Druid Priestess (aka Spirits of the Sacred Grove), Ritual and Principles of Druidry.

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